Weird Steampunk Minions


Artist, Joseph F. Drust, has developed a wide range of vinyl “kitbashed” sculptures called Steampunk Minions that boast a seriously WHOA-worthy style. The creations plug into your computer via USB hookup and some of them light up, react to music and (our favourite:) play old-school Nintendo NES games. The sculptures are made out of recycled operational parts including magnets, tesla coils, USB drives and LCD screens.

The minions all have different names and capabilities:
The Contact Steam Minions, Periscope Steam Minions, Tesla Minions, Skullava Minion, In’Tendo Minion, Aerial Minion, Big Mama Minion are all USB powered, and the Steam Tortoise has Solar powers, the LEasgues Minion has USB and Sound capabilities, while the Needle Minion has magnetic powers.

The minions are on display and for sale at the Davenport and Winkleperry steampunk gallery in Pittsboro, NC.



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  2. chloe wrote:

    OMG … so cute! I want minions!