Unique Car Wash Style Shower Design


shower car wash2

shower car wash4

Italian design company, Idiha Design, has come up with a new shower stall design concept for the lazy bather. The giant looped-shaped shower stall (effectively called the Loop) is actually meant to power wash a bather’s entire body without the bather having to apply much effort. Touted as a “giant-sized bidet”, we prefer to draw the parallels between a car wash and this shower stall – even though the shower Loop will be able to clean in those “hard to reach” places than only a bidet can manage. The shower has six high-pressure jets and a waterfall overhead. It requires a fairly large and enclosed area for installation – water is sure to pool all over the bathroom floor if it’s installed in the standard bathroom layout.


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    A shower inspired by a car wash: http://t.co/qIrcCHD4lR #product #design

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    Unique Car Wash Style Shower Design http://t.co/93fZHvR9Q2 via @onswipe

  4. Nice shower, i never see such a shower before, its same as shown in movies of some gaming systems.

  5. Cool photo! Love the design!