Apparently, ants have a clear coloured abdomen – something that photographer Mohamed Babu and his wife discovered one day when they noticed a “white ant” that was crawling along their counter. It turns out, the ant had just consumed a drop of milk that was left on the counter, turning his lower half white. The photographer set up a variety of coloured water pools and patiently waited until the ants consumed the liquid to show their coloured abdomens. During this mini-experiment, it was also discovered that the ants preferred to drink the lighter-coloured fluid and only moved to the darker green and blue fluids if there was no room at the yellow. If the ants consumed more than one coloured fluid, the colours mixed to reveal a new hue in their transparent bellies. Ants have see-through abdomens and like to drink yellow-coloured liquid…who knew?!


  1. ants have clear/see through abdomens… look what happens when they drink colored stuff =P via @thatslikewhoa