The World’s Wickedest Tree House


This awesome piece of residential architecture in the woods of Portland, Oregon was designed by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz for a client who wanted a unique, modern house that is inspired by music. Oshatz’s design features flowing, rhythmic forms and took seven years worth of drawings and construction. The project was completed in 2004, but is every bit as fresh and original as far as residences go as it was upon its completion. Natural wood finishes adorn the interior – the ceiling (which appears to be suspended under curving laminated wood beams), curved walls and wood flooring contribute to an organic ambience that makes the chunky, curvilinear house appear right at home in the forest. Glass, metal, wood, stone and simple furnishings make this house a winner. Who wouldn’t want to live in a luxurious tree-house?

Photography by Cameron Neilson.

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  1. Someone please make this for me. PLEEEEAAAASSEEEE.

  2. PeterG wrote:

    Well, really nice. But it’s not a tree house. Just being made of wood and seated in between trees doesn’t lead to being a tree house which is meant to be a house on a tree…