This amazing Rolls-Royce concept car called the “Apparition” was created by Jeremy Westerlund of Dallas, Texas. He designed it as an independent project while studying at the Art Center of the School of Design. The design offers sharp geometric lines, a massive hood and large 23-inch wheels. This concept is a great blend of classic design elements and futuristic ones.

Although just a design for the time being, the model itself is nearly six feet long, and in reality would measure over 23 feet long, or four feet longer than the Phantom saloon.


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    • Bob Campbell wrote:

      If that is stunning… I fail to see it. Looks like a westside lowrider. Give me a break… 24″ wheels? Who’d drive anything that trashy?

  2. Sunny Yadav wrote:

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  4. Wizzy wrote:

    That’s an ugly car, how do you even see the road in taht thing.
    Rolls royce is like the best car Manufacture ever but in this instance i think they went a bit too far –
    I must say, i am not impressed with that ride, i ain’t impressed at all.

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  6. bongoflavour wrote:

    too exaggerated …..

  7. GEOFF wrote:

    ANd the passenger’s view is??? This car makes no sense!

  8. GEOFF wrote:

    One thought – this would make good tow-car at airport! Not that any airport would pay for RR tug!

  9. Name * wrote:

    This have’t any design …no aerodinamic ugly just a box

  10. PCL wrote:

    “Want to go for a ride in my new Rolls??? You can hop in as soon as I cut your head off. But don’t worry, my head can stick out into the air, so I’ll be able to see where we’re going, save the occasional pebbles and bugs.”

    No thanks.

  11. Dev wrote:

    Very impressive……but the designer needs to work in those thing-e-things called windsheilds for the driver and the rear seat.

  12. Dhash wrote:

    Good concept, but unfortunately its not a RR. You just cannot slap a few RR badges and stick the spirit of ecstasy on top of the grill and call it a RR. Please don’t get disheartened by my comments these are the mistakes that I too made when I was studying Transport Design. Before you start on a concept of such an iconic brand you should learn the history and the most recognizable features of that particular vehicle. Changing the design of the front grill is a huge no no in a RR. Good Luck Jeremy, hope to see you in the industry!