Strange Sofa With Built-In Tunnel For Your Cats


Crazy cat ladies everywhere, there’s a new product on the market you will love! Korean designer Seungi Mun has come up with the concept for a sofa that features an integrated cat tunnel so you and your furry friends can relax together. The designer shares the inspiration behind the built-in cat-friendly play structure on his official website, stating that “…many kinds of pets are already recognized as another family and are loved by many people. As time passes, numbers of households raising pets are increasing and now a new industry related to pets is becoming a big market.”

Fair enough – most pet owners (especially cat-lovers) will likely agree that their cats are like family members, and just the way one might purchase a piece of furniture to be kid-friendly, this sofa is no different…it’s just cat-friendly. Actually, come to think of it, this sofa is probably kid-un-friendly…can a little kid squeeze into that tunnel? We hope not.

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    Own a cat? CC: @fakeaggy “@ThatsLikeWHOA: Whoa, Strange Sofa With Built-In Tunnel For Your #Cats #Furniture #Design”