Seriously Advanced Prosthetic “Terminator” Arm


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Major advances in the prosthetics industry have led to the development of the bebionic3 by RSLSteeper – a carbon-fiber myoelectric hand which is also made from aluminum and alloy knuckles. The bebionic3 moves by responding to muscle twitches in the upper arm, and uses sensors to trigger one of 14 pre-pgroammed grips that mirror common human hand movements. Users can finally engage in delicate movements, like typing on a keyboard, handing fragile objects like an egg, and even use a computer mouse thanks to programmable sensitivity settings. The muscles in the user’s upper arm cause the bebionic3 to move each finger with incredible precision. The arm was crafted out of layers of advanced silicone material, and constructed with an integrated reinforcing mesh that makes it soft and durable while being both easy to remove and clean. Plus, the arm is available in 19 different lifelike colour shades to look as authentic as possible. Truly wonderful advances for the prosthetic-wearing community.


  1. Seriously Advanced Prosthetic “Terminator” Arm: Major advances in the prosthetics industry have led to the devel…

  2. Seriously Advanced Prosthetic “Terminator” Arm

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