The Defendius Door Chain from Art. Lebedev Studio is an “a-maze-in” door lock that will deter even the most cunning of burglars.

Art director: Artemy Lebedev

Designer: Oleg Morev

Industrial designer: Konstantin Chirkov

Modeler: Alexei Zalata

Visualizer: Dmitry Dolgikh

Manager: Vera Dorofeyeva



  1. flimsy looking chain though! RT @ThatsLikeWHOA: Like, #WHOA -> SAFEST DOOR LOCK EVER #Design #Safety

  2. SAFEST DOOR LOCK EVER via @ThatsLikeWHOA // jaja , maybe a little too much?

  3. Looks great! Looks like not only burglars, even the owner can’t unlock this one.

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  4. StinkerMaGoo wrote:

    All dressed up and nowhere to go, the weakest link (so to speak) are the two tiny wood screws that hold the chain in place, I’m certain body weight alone could dislodge them. A case of form not following function.