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Real Birds Using Twitter

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  1. Inspiration found Real Birds Using Twitter: Latvian conceptual artist and creative director Vo… http://t.co/UdiNVbqc #design #creative

  2. Real Birds Using Twitter – WHOA: Six Shoe Designs For Social Profile Lovers. Portrait Of Steve Jobs Made From Mac… http://t.co/bL5TCMG2

  3. Whoa, Real Birds Using Twitter http://t.co/xdtd0kKB #Hacks #Nature #Bacon

  4. Ha!! “@ThatsLikeWHOA: Whoa, Real Birds Using Twitter http://t.co/BjDQZdQn #Hacks #Nature #Bacon”

  5. Real Birds Using Twitter – brilliant Friday afternoon viewing http://t.co/uAOnWlzW

  6. @wiggoaugogo says:

    We think we’re so smart using twitter. But real birds can too. http://t.co/tvQ9Rfzp via @thatslikewhoa

  7. Real Birds Using #Twitter on @ThatsLikeWHOA http://t.co/3cc90M6x via @sharethis

  8. @ReubG says:

    Actual birds tweeting using a keyboard made with bird food and fat from Latvia @hungry_birds http://t.co/bY1rOIJL

  9. Real Birds Using Twitter on @ThatsLikeWHOA http://t.co/UxM1sE0R via @sharethis

  10. @j_espo says:

    Actual #tweets from birds – seriously: http://t.co/V6v1c2xS – utterly pointless but there you go

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