Real Birds Using Twitter



Latvian conceptual artist and creative director Voldemars Dudums created this insanely clever bird feeder using an old computer keyboard and some cubes of bacon fat. When the birds would fly down to snack their inadvertent key presses were fed to an api that parsed each little tap into a bonafide tweet on the @hungry_birds Twitter account (fyi, these particular feathered friends became political during the U.S. elections, so there’s that). The birds, mostly tomtits, would tweet roughly 100 times each day and could even be watched live over on Birds on Twitter. It even landed Dudums a people’s choice award for Guerrilla Innovation in Advertising. Unfortunately the project went offline in March of this year, as that’s when the cryptic avian tweets cease. I feel like a schmuck for being so late to the party on this, but reading through the archive of tweets is still pretty entertaining for random literary gems like “OOOMMMGGGGG” and “AIAIAIA”.



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  3. Whoa, Real Birds Using Twitter #Hacks #Nature #Bacon

  4. Ha!! “@ThatsLikeWHOA: Whoa, Real Birds Using Twitter #Hacks #Nature #Bacon”

  5. Real Birds Using Twitter – brilliant Friday afternoon viewing

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    We think we’re so smart using twitter. But real birds can too. via @thatslikewhoa

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    Actual birds tweeting using a keyboard made with bird food and fat from Latvia @hungry_birds

  9. Real Birds Using Twitter on @ThatsLikeWHOA via @sharethis

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    Actual #tweets from birds – seriously: – utterly pointless but there you go