Psychedelic Soap Bubbles That Look Like Alien Planets


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Color corrected by Argyll

Style: "70's look"

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As much as we’d love to claim that you’re looking at photos of newly discovered planets from another galaxy, we just can’t bear to lie to you. And so, without fibbing, we’d like to share these awesome photos of soap bubbles that resembles psychedelic planets…but they really are just super-magnified images of soap bubbles. Does this make the art less cool? Hope not. This collection is called “Bubbles” and was captured by London-based photographer, Jason Tozer. The artist used a 135mm macro lens that were mounted on a set of extension bellows and also made a 2x3m perspec dome to enhance the lighting and colour of each bubble. Tozer uses a wet ring to create the actual bubbles themselves. He then blows into a straw to agitate the bubble, making it spin the colour bands so that the same bubble photographs differently as it spins and as the perspex dome is moved. How does he make the bubbles, you ask? Easy. With household detergent and glycerine (to make the bubble last longer). We love how seemingly simple the subject matter of these photographs are, and yet, the outcome is outrageously cool. We’re thinking of printing one super-mega-sized for the WHOA! HQ office.


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