Pizza Hut Perfume


pizza hut perfume4

What better way for Pizza Hut to celebrate having reached 100,000 Facebook fans than by creating a Pizza Hut perfume? Prompted by a joke on the official Pizza Hut Facebook page, the company’s advertising agency decided to run with the idea and manufacture 110 bottle of Eau de Pizza Hut. The scent boasts top notes of freshly baked, hand-tossed dough – the same smell that makes customers salivate upon entering the doors of a Pizza Hut restaurant, or the first whiff that escapes a newly opened box of freshly baked pie. The limited number of perfume bottles were auctioned away through the Pizza Hut Perfume Auction in December 2012. The scents have all been auctioned off, as far as we can tell, one of which reached the price of US$415 after being sold through ebay by an unthankful recipient of the perfume who was eager to make a buck instead of proudly stink of fresh pizza.

Here’s hoping the wacky perfume scent goes into production worldwide – after all, smelling like patchouli (or a hooker, on the other end of the spectrum) is so last year.


  1. Inspiration found Pizza Hut Perfume: What better way for Pizza Hut to celebrate having reached… #design #creative

  2. @Ducktapegurl wrote:

    “@ThatsLikeWHOA: Whoa, Pizza Hut Perfume” (ewww! The only ones you’ll attract are morbidly obese or pimply teens!)