New Smartphone Breathalyzer App


Drinking and driving is not cool. Period. And now, there is a new product on the market that can measure one’s blood alcohol content (BAC) without the use of the standard breathalyzer. The BreathalEyes by is an iPhone App that takes photos of a subject’s eyes and scans for horizontal gaze nystagmus (Called HGN) – a condition of the eye indicated by the involuntary rhythmic oscillating motion of the pupil left and right across the horizontal field of view. Depending on the HGN, a reading is generated to indicate the level of blood alcohol content. To use this device, the iPhone is to be held up to the subject’s eye (either one) by the tester, only a few inches away from the eye. For the test to be as accurate as possible, the subject must look to the far right or far left (depending on which eye is tested) to expose as much of the white portion of the eyeball as possible. The user must frame the subject’s eye within the green box and start the assessment.

A beeping sound will indicate that the reading has been taken and the blood alcohol content will be shown on the screen. When compared to a standard breathalyzer, the BreathalEyes is surprisingly accurate and generates results must faster than the standard unit of testing. Besides, with a breathalyzer unit, the subject must wait 20 minutes after drinking to conduct an assessment. With BreathalEyes, the measurement can be taken immediately. This affordable App is not to be used in lieu of a legally certified BAC measurement tool, but makes for a great way to keep track of your friends’ levels of intoxication on an iPhone4 or higher iPhone model. You never know when you can help save a life by preventing someone from drinking and driving (or drunk dialling an ex…).



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