Mini Motorbikes Made From Watch Parts


This post goes out to all lovers of two-wheels (well, maybe not bicycle enthusiasts, but you get the point). Ukrainian artist Dmitriy Khristenko has created intricate mini models of motorcycles using wrist watch parts. Khristenko disassembles the watches, shapes each part using a grindstone and glues components together by hand – a painstaking process that calls for 40-50 hours per unit to complete. We love the steampunk-esque feel to some of these mini bikes almost as much as love how the artist has used recycled materials to make something old into something new (and awesome).


  1. AK wrote:

    Shouldn’t you at least list the artists name and contact information?? HMMM?

  2. WHOA wrote:

    Hey AK. We did, Dmitriy Khristenko and his name links to his Flickr profile.

  3. Carlos wrote:

    Hi, I am from Brazil. I would like to show you some miniatures I make with parts of watches. I expect you like.