Golf Cleat Adapter For Running Shoes


US-based Insta Golf Shoes are making headlines in the Sports Industry. Engineered to be lightweight and tight-fitting to your favourite sneakers, you can now transform any ol’ shoe into golf-course worthy footwear. The Insta Golf Shoe comes with a cleat and tread combination that creates the mobility and traction necessary to stay safe, secure and ready to swing on the green. The latest line of Insta Gold Shoes is the “Brites” line – the same product in bold, bright colours. What would the WHOA! team look like on the gold green? We’d be horribly out of place, but we’d be rocking the bright pink add-ons for our high top sneakers. Yup.


  1. @_aaronflack wrote:

    @steveamedio make any shoe a #golf cleat. amazing?

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