Get Drunk Faster With Rounded Glassware


While some people drink alcohol for the taste, most consume it for the affect it has on the human mind and body. In other words, people like getting tipsy, so it’s no surprise there is a market for the “Get Drunk Faster” drinking glass – a set of beautiful hand-blown glassware from Swaziland, Africa, that are shaped with rounded bases and will wobbly over and spill its contents if put down. The design is not entirely cheeky – the rounded bottom of the glass does appear to fit nicely in the palm of one’s hand, but since it doesn’t sit properly on a surface, drinkers are prone to down their beverage faster. In some cases, the Get Drunk Faster Glass will come in handy (everyone knows the only way to survive an office holiday party is to be blissfully tipsy) but in other cases, this glass could be a hinderance. What if you’re at a party and need to use the restroom?! It’s possible to ask a friend to hold your drink while you tend to your business, but it may be easier to just shoot back the booze and get on with it (mission accomplished, Get Drunk Faster glasses).



  1. @n_Y_noTT wrote:

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  2. KP wrote:

    I have a couple of these, and they don’t fall over. I picked some up when in Swaziland. They called them ‘Nelson glasses’. I thought it was associated with Lord Nelson and boating; because when the boat rocks, the glass will keep upright (the base is heavier, so it will correct itself). I’ve tested it a little, and works fine.