Mercedes-Benz UK has just taken delivery of its most compact, sustainable and lightweight urban runabout yet – the Mercedes-Benz Folding Bike. Available now from all Mercedes-Benz Retailers in “Silver Arrows” silver or cool icy white, it’s an intelligent way to get about town when you choose not to drive.

Featuring eight-speed sequential ‘clutchless’ transmission, powerful disc brakes all-round and fully independent front and rear suspension, the new Folding Bike is as well-specified as its passenger car siblings.


  1. Sam wrote:

    It doesn’t look like it gets all that small for how small those wheels are. Small wheels usually don;t ride as well as standard 26″ or 700c wheels. Why sacrifice that? You can get folding bikes that use normal wheels and still get pretty small. I ride one of these:

  2. UHHHHH wrote:

    Yeah, it’s clutchless–it has a fkn derailleur.