Entire Home Made From 1B Decommissioned Euro Notes


Ever wonder what happens to misprinted currency? In the case of decommissioned Euro notes, the money gets shredded and formed into a papery brick. The blocks hold no monetary value and are likely viewed as useless hunks of paper by the masses, but not to Irish artist, Frank Buckley. Buckley collected the pulped bricks totalling over 1 billion euro’s worth of paper shredded to build his art installation. The Dublin-based artist was unemployed thanks to Ireland’s economic crisis and as he watched friends and family lose their possessions and homes over nothing more than a lack of paper currency to call their own, he decided to channel his frustration until, the house made of shredded currency was born. Buckley built the house, which he dubbed the Billion Euro House, with the help of a local hardware store that donated some basic building materials to get Buckley started. At this point, the house serves as Buckley’s residence during weekdays, and he lives in the garden shed of his family homes (that he is no longer able to live in) on weekends. After having opened the house to the public, Buckley received more than 300 visitors in just a couple of days. His goal to make something out of nothing has been reached as far as he is concerned, and thankfully, the mint who gave him the money bricks in the first place has decided to let Buckley treat his allotment of shredded bills as a loan that will be disposed of when he is finished with them. Buckley plans to add a kitchen to his Billion Euro House in the near future.



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