Badass Disney Starlet Tattoos


Tattoo artist, Timothy John Shumate, of DeviantARTist Telegrafix, whipped up these illustrations of cartoon characters with tattoos to give us a glimpse of what the characters might look like if they were ink-obsessed (and let’s face it, if you dealt with being in love with a mortal and your only way to seal your fate was to surrender your angelic singing voice to an evil octo-woman-creature, you’d have tats to tell your story just like Areil from the Little Mermaid would). And want to know what the best thing about these designs are? They are actually inked on some of Shumate’s Disney-loving clients.


  1. disney princesses are so badass. thanks @mamanaja

  2. victoria wrote:

    re: disney princesses
    my friends on pinterest loved them! Super imagination.

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  4. Samantha wrote:

    Is there a Cinderella one of these? I want one of her so bad!