Awesome Kitschy Pac-Man Bookshelf

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  1. AWESOME KITSCHY PAC-MAN BOOKSHELF: One of our favourite Italian designers, Mirko Ginepro, is responsible for the…

  2. AWESOME KITSCHY PAC-MAN BOOKSHELF on @ThatsLikeWHOA via @sharethis

  3. Rosa says:

    Really creative bookshelf. I used to play a lot of pac-man games, so I simply love it. It would look good on my living room walls! I’ve recently created a blog (The Book Affair), where I show photos of beautiful bookshelves and I’ll surely showcase this bookshelf.

  1. December 23, 2013

    […] Italian designer Mirko Ginepro is responsible for the brilliance behind the Puckman bookshelf. The unit is made out of varnished wood and is, of course, painted in a golden yellow reminiscent of the 80′s cult videogame Pac Man. The Puckman shelf (yes, Puckman is correct, not Pacman) is custom made to order, so you can choose a size and alter the color as you wish to accommodate a large television or to match the decor of a specific room. We like the set up where the Puckman shelf is adjacent to the television it, because it really puts the shelf and its character into perspective. Don’t you agree? (Link | Via) […]

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