A Brilliant New Way To Carry Your Bicycle


The Frame Handle (a recently successful Kickstarter) is a comfortable, stylish, sturdy, and easy-to-use leather handle for carrying your bicycle, whether it’s up the stairs, across the tracks, or into the metro.

Designed for urban commuters, this minimalist handle makes carrying your bike actually feel easier and lighter by lowering the center of gravity and using your normal muscle groups for lifting and holding your bicycle, same as lifting a grocery bag or carrying a briefcase. Because it’s easier to lift and hold, you’re in more control of your bicycle, making it safer to hold in crowded settings.

Without the Frame Handle, most riders either hoist the bike triangle uncomfortably on their shoulder or pick up their bike by the top tube, which requires you to bend your elbow at an uncomfortable angle. This causes stress and strain on your elbow and shoulder and makes carrying your bike feel harder than it needs to be. The Frame Handle has two adjustable buckles that wrap around the down tube and seat tube. It can be mounted above the derailleur and below most water bottle cages. The Frame Handle comes in standard black at the $30 or $50 levels.


  1. A BRILLIANT NEW WAY TO CARRY YOUR BICYCLE: The Frame Handle (a recently successful Kickstarter) is a comfortable… http://t.co/LtDsEArp