9 Disney Princesses As Badass Street Fighters


Ariel sold her voice to the sea witch Ursula to become a fierce human warrior in order to participate in a global fighting tournament.

Aurora is now a professional wrestler called Briar Rose who goes by the in ring name of Aurora.

Belle turned to self defense after being kidnapped and held hostage when she was younger, she’s now a world champion kick-boxer.

Cinderella is now a ninja warrior.

Jasmine enters a fighting tournament in order to avoid an arranged marriage and prove to her father the Sultan she herself is capable of leading her kingdom.

Given that Mulan was already a kick arse warrior to begin with this proved a bit of a challenge to reinterpret her. Ultimately took some ideas from both Chun-Li and Kitana and turned her into an assassin who’s a master of disguise.

Pocahontas is an environmental activist and the descendant of a great Powhatan warrior, she enters the fighting tournament to literally fight for nature.

Snow White is a Lisbeth Salander inspired tough girl who learned her street fighting skills growing up in the decaying suburbs of a desolate city overrun by the Seven Drug Lords.

Tiana is now a military soldier who’s entered the fighting tournament to prove she is capable of commanding her own unit.

Remember some of the illustrations we’ve shared that depict Disney princesses as pin-up-style tattoos and lingerie models? Well, this interpretation of Disney damsels is the best one yet! Austrlian-based DeviantARTist ~joshwmc has finally shown the ladies in a new light as badass street fighters. Say goodbye to the lacy g-strings, the frilly booty shorts and the coy smiles – these Disney princesses pack a punch! Rapunzel, Mulan, Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty”, Pocahontas, Tiana from “Princess and the Frog”, Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”, Jasmin from Aladdin, Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” and Snow White from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” are all shown as strong, independent (and somewhat violent?!) vixens. A major turn of events from what we’re used to seeing for Disney princesses, and for the sheer shock-factor, we say, “whoa!”.


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