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Squid Protein Could Help Brains ‘Talk’ to Computers

In the most advanced prosthetics–such as this crazy mind-controlled robotic arm–electronic hardware interfaces directly with nerves and muscles in the human body. But getting living tissue to play nice with a circuit board is anything but easy, for...

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Robots Morph From Solid To Squishy

Well it looks like science has brought us another step towards a real-life Skynet and the destruction of mankind. Researchers led by MIT’s Anette Hosoi have developed a low-cost phase-changing material that could be...

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The Quest To Harness Wind Energy At 2,000 Feet

How to Capture Energy at 2,000 Feet A The body, or shroud, of Altaeros’s Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT) is kept aloft by 1,000 cubic meters of helium. Four air-filled stabilizing fins passively steer the...

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This Game Brings Post-Apocalypse To The Present

Saving the world through spirulina Players of the online post-apocalypse game Viridis control the workings of a real algae farm, hidden somewhere in the mountains of France. In the wake of a mysterious...

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Create A Smoking Pumpkin With An E-Cigarette

Want to put your neighbors to shame this Halloween? Pimp your pumpkin with a miniature smoke machine. A modified e-cigarette can create a surprising amount of fog, giving your carving an extra eerie touch....

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The Ultimate Slo-Mo Camera

In the time it takes to blink, the Phantom v2511 has already captured more than 7,500 frames of video. Expand that rate to one second, and the v2511 captures 25,600 frames at a resolution...

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Gun and knife shaped hair combs make staying groomed feel so ‘bad’. Want to see more hair-related posts? Check out the Hair Chair from THIS POST.